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  • antigalactic — antigalactic, a. and n. (ˌæntɪgəˈlæktɪk) [f. anti 3 + Gr. γαλακτικός, f. γάλακτ milk.] A. adj. Of use in preventing the secretion of milk. B. n. (sc. medicine, etc.) in Craig …   Useful english dictionary

  • antigalactic — 1. adjective Preventing or reducing lactation. 2. noun An antigalactic drug or remedy …   Wiktionary

  • antigalactic — an·ti·ga·lac·tic (an″te ) (an″ti gə lakґtik) [anti + galactic] 1. diminishing or stopping lactation. 2. an agent that has this effect. Called also lactifuge …   Medical dictionary

  • antigalactic —   a.,n. preventive of milk secretion …   Dictionary of difficult words

  • lactifuge — 1. Causing arrest of the secretion of milk. SYN: lactifugal. 2. An agent having such an effect. [lacti + L. fugo, to drive away] * * * n. a drug that reduces the secretion of milk. Some oestrogenic drugs have this effect and are used to suppress… …   Medical dictionary

  • Mumbai Science — Origin Belgium Genres Techno Dance Music House Electronic Years active 2009–present Labels Lektroluv Records/ …   Wikipedia